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Book Fair Information

We will help you organize a book fair that meets your specific needs.  We provide quality literature based on your curriculum, current interests, level of students in your building and upon your requests.  Based on our past experience, we've found that the best way to increase book selling at your book fair is to provide bookstore quality titles and a greater selection. The more diverse the titles, the better the chance of having something there for everyone.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How are your books delivered?

Our book fairs arrive in one of two ways:

1.) Packed in boxes that you unload and display on tabletops.


2.) Delivered in pre-packed book carts that roll in for easy display.

What are the advantages of each?

1.) Tabletop book fairs allow for more of each title to be shipped.  It also allows for better merchandising. Nothing gets lost on the shelves. These fairs are more work but generally lead to an increase in sales over the book carts at the same school.

2.) Pre-packed display cases saves you time and energy for set-up and take-  down.  You will also receive a few boxes with your cart book fair.

How long are your book fairs?

Here's another aspect of our personalization. There is no set time period. We try to work with you as much as possible...setting the delivery for the day before your fair starts, and setting up pick-up for the day after it ends.  Some schools take it for two days, some five, but most for a full week.

Do I have to do inventory when coming in or going out?

No. We’ve already done the counting when packing and we'll do it again when unpacking back at the store.  We also provide you with an alphabetized print out sheet of the books that are on your fair.  All that is needed from your end is to have boxes and carts packed and ready to go for our pick up.

Will you supply us with a credit card machine and/or cash register?

No. In order for you to remain a tax free fund-raiser you cannot make sales through our credit card processor.

How do we take our profits?

You may take your profit in one of two ways:

1.) Cash profit:  you receive 20% of your total book fair sales.

2.) Books/Store Credit:  Based on your book fair sales, you will receive 25% of that total in credit to be used in our store. The books you select may, but do not have to be, from those that were included on your book fair.  You will have a wide selection of books to choose from when you visit The BookHouse. When you use your credit at The BookHouse, you will receive a 20 to 25% discount on the books you select.   As you can see, by combing the 25% credit on your book fair and receiving 20 to 25% discount on your selected books, you are actually earning 45-50% on your book fair when you take your credit in books.

For additional information please contact either Jenny or Deb at:

Phone: 319-373-1832

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